tHE FUck is this?? this aint a room || Curtis x Lindsey

To be quite honest, Curtis was sick of Lindsey. She couldn’t embrace the fact that he was being nice to her for just one second. So, he wouldn’t be nice. He’d be mean. he’d be rude. He’d be rough. He’d hurt her, and she’d learn a lesson. That’s all there was to it. He was in control, not her. She did what he said, he didn’t do what she said. When Lindsey waved at him all happily and shit, he felt anger rise in him. She was annoying, and almost too rebellious. And she didn’t know what he was like when he was mad. “Bitch.”, he said, grabbing her face roughly and turning her head to look at him, he squeezed her face, like an relative would, except hard, and rough. “Let’s go.”, he said, letting her go, he’d probably hurt her mouth badly, but he didn’t care. She deserved it. He walked upstairs, making sure Lindsey was following close behind until he got to her room. Basically….a basement looking room. No carpet, televisions, nothing but an bed, with a sheet, not a blanket. And it was dark - no light. “Welcome to paradise, Princess.”

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